Containastore Self Storage

Self Access Storage for Redditch, Bromsgrove, Studley & Surrounding Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using a container or storage room?

Thats easy at Redditch Containastore:

Speak to us about your requirements, and come take a look.
Sign the contract
Provide photo ID
Complete a direct debit mandate
Pay the first storage charge
Store your things

How do I work out the size of the room I need?

Visit or phone our store and our team will help you choose.

Most people are surprised that they can use a room that is significantly smaller than they imagine at first.

Using all the available height in the room and packing things well will let you use a smaller room and so save money.

If you start using your room and want to change to a different size you can do so easily.

What do I have to pay on top of the standard room rate ?

Only insurance for your things if they have a value.
If you wish you can use an existing insurance policy you may have such as your home contents or business policy if it offers cover for your things whilst in storage.
Unlike some other companies we do not require you to buy a lock for your room, pay a deposit or pay access charges.

How long must I pay for at one time ?

The minimum period is 1 month, after the first month we refund you any full weeks not used. You only end up paying for the time you spend with us.
We aim to process all refunds within 7 days.

How do I secure my room ?

With your own padlock or with a padlock we lend you for free. We only provide 90mm shutter locks for the heavy duty lock boxes. Your more than welcome to add extra locks to the door hasps if you feel it necessary

What security systems do you have ?

CCTV monitoring everything 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Can anyone else access my things ?

No, only your items are in your storage container. 

How do I give back my room ?

Just give 7 days notice then turn up and empty your storage room.
If we have provided a lock you will need to return it with the keys.
Your room must be empty and clean.

What if I only need the room for part of the next period I have to pay for ?

You must pay for each month before it starts but we reimburse any days you do not use. If you forget to provide 7 days notice of your move out date you will be charged 7 days from the date when you advise us that you are moving out and any time left over will be refunded.

How can I pay for my room ?

Your first payment is made to us on the day you are moving in

Ongoing payments can be cash, credit card or standing orders

How can I move things into my room ?

You can hire a van to get your things to our store, use your own car or get a removals company to do it for you.